Wind Turbine Technology: Fundamental Concepts in Wind Turbine Engineering, Second Edition

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Wind Turbine Technology is recognized worldwide as the authoritative guide to state-of-the-artwind turbine engineering. If you are an energy planner, engineer, designer, utility project manager,wind power station developer, manufacturer of wind turbine equipment, teacher, or student, ithas all the latest information for you. This text and reference book is ideal for educational settings.Packed with application-oriented advice, detailed graphics, photographs, and numericalexamples -- this revised and expanded new edition describes past and present wind turbines andprovides the reader with detailed mathematical models developed by leaders in the fields ofaerodynamics, structural dynamics and fatigue, meteorology, acoustic & electromagnetic emissions,commercial wind power applications, and utility power systems. Economics, costs, the integration ofwind power plants into utility systems, and color photographs of current commercial windturbines are included.