Formerly the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, NACE International represents members from 92 countries and is the largest organization in the world dedicated to the study of corrosion. NACE works to protect people, infrastructure, the environment, and the economy from the effects of corrosion by promoting engineering and research. Approximately 100 standards cover subjects such as laboratory corrosion testing, corrosion prevention and blast cleaning.

Cathodic Protection
$183.00 $92.00
Details Edition: 2 Published: 01/01/1987 ISBN(s): 0915567288 Number of Pages: 519 ..
Chemical Resistance Guide for Metals & Alloys : A Guide to Chemical Resistance of Metals & Alloys
This guide to chemical resistance of metals and alloys contains recommendations for 29,000 combinati..
Corrosion Basics - An Introduction, Second Edition
This second edition is an extensive update to the first and represents NACE's all time best selling ..
Corrosion in the Oil Refining Industry -- Proceedings of the 1998 Conference
Details Published: 01/01/1998 ISBN(s): 1575900653 Number of Pages: 250 ..
Corrosion in the Water and Waste Water Industries
Details Edition: M. Szeliga Published: 01/01/1996 ISBN(s): 1877914983 Number of Pages: 575 ..
Corrosion Inhibition - Theory & Practice
Details Published: 01/01/1988 ISBN(s): 0915567679 Number of Pages: 208 ..
Corrosion Inhibitors
$181.00 $91.00
Details Edition: C.C. Nathan Published: 01/01/1973 ISBN(s): 091556789X Number of Pages: 260 ..
Corrosion Prevention by Protective Coatings
Details Published: 12/01/1999 ISBN(s): 1575900882 Number of Pages: 520 ..
Corrosion Testing Made Easy: Electrochemical Impedance and Noise
This book addresses electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and electrochemical noise measurements th..
Fundamentals of Designing for Corrosion Control: A Corrosion Aid for the Designer
Details Published: 01/01/1989 ISBN(s): 0915567342 Number of Pages: 350 ..
High-Temperature Corrosion : NACE Reference Book
Details Published: 01/01/1983 ISBN(s): 0915567865 Number of Pages: 650 ..
Materials Selections for Petroleum Refineries & Gathering Facilities
Details Published: 03/01/1998 ISBN(s): 1575900327 Number of Pages: 203 ..
MTI 30 Guidelines for Assessing Fire and Explosion
Details Published: 01/01/1990 ISBN(s): 1877914169 Number of Pages: 142 ..
MTI Publication No. 32: Pyrophoric Behavior and Combustion of Reactive Metals
Reviews case histories, identifies environments subject to severe exothermic creation, and gives gui..
NACE 01101
$59.00 $30.00
The purpose of this technical committee report is topresent state-of-the-art information on electroc..
NACE 01101-2018
$69.00 $35.00
The purpose of this NACE technical committee report is to present state-of-the-art informationon ele..
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